Entering Mentoring Training Program

Date: April 10 – June 12, 2019
Time: 3:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Location: Boyer Hall 130
Objective: To enrich the academic experiences of UCLA’s undergraduate researchers and to provide leadership guidance to UCLA’s graduate student and post-doctoral trainees who are about to embark on advance career aspirations. The goals of the mentoring seminar are to guide mentors to:
  1. Understand “scientific teaching” and apply it in mentoring
  2. Build relationship based on trust and respect with a mentee
  3. Build community with other mentors.
Facilitator: Diana Azurdia, PhD – dazirdia@mednet.ucla.edu
Course Materials: Course materials and resources will be shared via BOX weekly. Must bring a composition note book or journal to record reflections.
Sessions include:
  • 04/10/19 Introduction to Mentor Training
  • 04/17/19 Aligning Expectations
  • 04/24/19 Maintaining Effective Communication
  • 05/01/19 Assessing Understanding / Intro. to Mentorship Philosophy
  • 05/08/19 TBD
  • 05/15/19 Fostering Independence (need a space)
  • 05/22/19 Promoting Professional Development
  • 05/29/19 Addressing Equity and Inclusion
  • 06/05/19 Cultivating Ethical Behavior
  • 06/12/19 Articulating Your Mentoring Philosophy Plan
You will be notified if you’ve been accepted to participate in the course by mid-March.
Graduate students who are invited to participate may enroll in MOLBIO 300 to receive 1 unit of credit.