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The Artificial Intelligence Education Guide

November 17, 2023

With the rapid growth of student interest in artificial intelligence,’s goal is to help people explore AI education and opportunities. It covers the nearly 200 colleges and universities offering 400+ AI degree programs, educational advice and insights, career information, and more. And it’s 100% free to use by all.

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Can the ‘Pitch Deck’ Help Academics?

March 10, 2023

By Rachel Toor

You can opt to bore your audience silly with dense PowerPoint slides — or, you can adapt a popular business technique to better make your case.

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6 Tips to Improve Your Cover Letter

The Chronicle of Higher Education

September 08, 2019

By Leonard Cassuto 

Like the commencement speech, the cover letter for an academic job is a straitened genre. Most of us don’t have to worry about writing commencement speeches (it’s a happy problem if you ever do), but thousands of graduate students and recent Ph.D.s write cover letters every year.

Strict conventions govern cover letters for faculty positions, so it’s relatively easy to write a passable one: Just follow the rules. But it’s much harder to write one that really stands out to a search committee.

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