Catalyzing Institutional Transformation: Insights from the AAU STEM Initiative

A new article about the AAU Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative has been published in Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning. The article discusses the approach taken by AAU and identifies the cross-cutting implementation, dissemination, and institutionalization strategies from eight pilot projects and from a growing network of AAU research universities committed to improving undergraduate STEM teaching and learning. What AAU has learned from the Initiative can help us understand the process of systemic institution-wide educational reform, with emphasis on change being at the department level.
Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning

A Call to Reform Undergraduate Education

Delivering on educational quality and completion is a must — not only for institutions but the country. This report proposes a collective, national approach to achieving educational quality. Specifically, the report urges a three-part “national strategy” ensuring that students have high-quality learning experiences, that institutions increase their overall completion rates and reduce inequities among student groups, and that college costs are controlled. – Inside Higher Ed

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Major study by American Academy of Arts and Sciences seeks change in curriculum and assessment, commitment to funding public higher education, new ideas about the faculty role, and more.