Impacts on Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows:

This professional development opportunity provides UCLA graduate students and postdoctoral scholars training in inclusive and effective teaching practices and occasions to practice teaching in college classrooms. The skills and experiences gained will make graduate students and postdoctoral scholars more competitive for academic positions and other jobs in which strong communication skills and working with diverse teams are assets. Participants in CIRTL will have the opportunity to network with peers and mentors at UCLA and throughout the multi-institution network.


  • Be competitive for a broader array of academic jobs
  • Negotiate for higher salary
  • Become a more effective teacher
  • Implement inclusive teaching and actively engage in social justice
  • Communicate effectively to a broad audience

Impact on Staff: Sharing Best Practices

On Current Faculty : The Trickle-Up or Spillover Effect

  • National network for collaboration
  • Connection to evaluation instruments
  • CIRTL Core Ideas provide foundational philosophy
  • Inspire current faculty who are mentoring CIRTL participants to revise their own courses

On Undergraduates : Support Diverse Learners

On Undergraduates : Support Diverse Learners

  • Improve undergraduate teaching and learning
    • Enhanced training for future faculty (current TAs)
    • Current faculty become more reflective about their teaching through TAs
  • Improve research mentoring
  • Supports course redesign efforts and integration of high-impact practices, active and collaborative learning strategies
  • Recognition as a member of the major national network in STEM education improvement
  • Demonstrated broader impacts for research grants (Outreach, Education)
  • Demonstrated GSR training/professional development
  • Helps recruit outstanding students and postdocs


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