Learn about CEILS and the influence members of our center have made on the STEM educational community.

The Center for Education Innovation & Learning in the Sciences (CEILS) creates a collaborative community of instructors committed to advancing teaching excellence, assessment, diversity, and scholarship, resulting in the enhancement of student learning experiences in the Life and Physical Sciences at UCLA.

CEILS evaluates its services in a variety of ways- ranging from tracking faculty interest and participation to formal assessment of education initiatives of which CEILS takes part.

The Core Members of CEILS represent a community of highly valued instructors and staff members who are dedicated to achieving excellence in undergraduate education at UCLA.

Publications by Core Members pursuing the scholarly aspects of teaching and learning; these studies explore the impact of pedagogy (active learning, experiential learning), describe measurable outcomes related to curriculum development, and cross disciplinary boundaries within the teaching and research communities.

Explore and learn about the Center’s local and national partners and collaborators.