Teacher Training

This scholarship program is providing financial, academic, and peer support of high-need STEM majors who, because they desire both to be trained as a professional scientist or mathematician and seek a career in teaching, are traditionally marginalized by the culture of the research university.  The OneDegree, Many Careers program enables these talented students to give back make a difference to the community.  It also serves as a steppingstone for graduate school.
 The pool of UCLA applicants with financial need far exceeds the 30 scholarships available annually.  Our expected average awards ($7,000 for the academic year and $3,000 for a Summer Session) are unlikely to completely offset student loans or eliminate unmet need for all students; they will, however,significantly reduce both the time students need to spend working and the ability to progress in a timely manner to their STEM degree while exploring secondary STEM teaching career options.

Currently funded by S-STEM Award No. 1259351Contact: Arlene Russell (Email: russell@chem.ucla.edu