In August 2017 the Undergraduate Research Centers announced a new tool called the Undergraduate Research Portal that will help students and faculty connect over research opportunities.  It’s available now under the Academics tab on MyUCLA and can be directly accessed at,

Faculty are able to:

  • Post research opportunities (paid, volunteer, and/or academic credit) for students of any major to search
  • Search profiles of students interested in conducting research based on their skills, major and more

Click (here) to view a short video that will introduce you to the faculty features

Students are able to:

  • Create profiles of themselves sharing their skills, experiences, and research interests
  • Search research opportunities posted by faculty and external campus partners

Click (here) to watch a short video introducing the student features

If postdocs,  graduate students, or other lab personnel would like to help craft opportunities for their PI’s research group, they can visit here to download a pdf version of the opportunity posting form to fill out and give to their PI to input into the portal.  Due to security reasons, these postdocs and others cannot be given faculty access to the portal. The Undergraduate Research Centers can arrange for your  lab manager to have access to the portal to be able to post opportunities for you.  If that interests you, please email us at and we will help you with that process.

If students or faculty have any questions on getting started, they can visit the “How Do I Get Started?” link on the homepage of the portal (here) or feel free to e-mail our helpdesk at