Aspire Internships – SoCal Collaborative 2-Year Colleges

Coming soon! The recent Aspire: The National Alliance for Inclusive and Diverse STEM Faculty Award to several institutions including UCLA provides funding for several intership and mentorship experiences in teaching at a community college in Southern California. The application process is not yet identified, but will be posted here once available. Stay tuned!

ProjectMATCH – Los Angeles Community College District

Project MATCH Logo

The Los Angeles Community College District, comprised of nine area community colleges, offers Project MATCH as a program to prepare and recruit a diverse community college faculty who are sensitive to the needs of the students and community it serves. The goals of the program are to improve the diversity pool of faculty in the District, for our interns to become role models reflecting that diversity in the District, and to better reflect the diversity of the community around the biggest community college district in the United States of America. View website.

Future Instructors in Training Program (Santa Clarita Community College District)

The Future Instructors in Training Program (FIT) provides a unique opportunity for qualified individuals to explore and develop a career in community college instruction through a paid internship program with the Santa Clarita Community College District. The FIT Program seeks to address diversity needs of the region by preparing our interns to become exemplars, as community college faculty, of the inclusive and sensitive teaching practices reflective of the diversity of our students and the community. 

We are always looking for dynamic instructors that can offer our students new perspectives as well as long developed experience. The FIT Program combines pedagogical trainings with mentorship and hands-on classroom experience, providing invaluable training through participation in projects and assignments that allow for the practical application of academic knowledge and the development of skills necessary for a career in higher education.

It’s never too early or too late to start thinking about a career in teaching! The FIT Program is designed to inspire, recruit, and prepare career professionals and graduate students for the opportunity to join the instructors of today in community college teaching, to be come the instructors of the future. The program is open to all qualified applicants who meet theState Minimum Qualifications in the subject area in which they are interested in completing their internship.

For more information, please visit the Future Instructors in Training website.

UC Irvine’s CCCIP (for UCI Grad Students)

University of California Irvine’s California Community College Internship Program (CCCIP) provides UCI graduate students with an opportunity to have a teaching experience at a local community college.

A traditional graduate degree from a research institution generally does not provide the student adequate preparation for a career choice of teaching in a community college. The CCCIP addresses this need and gives students an opportunity to experience firsthand what teaching in a community college environment is all about. More information about next year’s program is available in the CCCIP flyer. To apply for the program next year, please see the CCCIP Application.

UCLA’s UPLIFT Program (for UCLA graduate students and Postdocs)

Uplift logo simple UPLIFT is the IRACDA Program at UCLA (in collaboration with CalState LA) that supports postdoctoral scholars in the biological sciences who have a demonstrated interest in teaching, research, and supporting diversity in the STEM fields. The IRACDA program combines a traditional mentored postdoctoral research experience with an opportunity to develop academic skills, including teaching, through workshops and mentored teaching assignments at a partner institution. The program is expected to facilitate the progress of postdoctoral candidates toward research and teaching careers in academia. Other goals are to provide a resource to motivate the next generation of scientists at partner institutions and to promote linkages between RIIs and partner institutions that can lead to further collaborations in research and teaching.

IRACDA fellows receive training and gain experience in pedagogy, teaching, and mentoring at Cal State, Los Angeles.  The program is sponsored through the Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award (IRACDA), supported by the division of NIGMS at NIH.  Visit program page here.