Introducing the new STEM Collaborative Learning Center!

The STEM Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) is a pilot program being implemented by UCLA Library, the undergraduate Learning Assistant (LA) program, and PEERSIt is located in the Boelter Science & Engineering Library in 8251 Boelter Hall.

The main mission is to provide a central space to foster collaborative learning among STEM majors, while introducing students to library facilities and research resources. In this pilot, the space will be used for a combination of LA-facilitated TA/instructor and LA-facilitated workshops (with a TA or instructor present).

Here is a schedule for the Spring 2018 quarter (subject to change during the first few weeks). Drop-ins are welcome to all activities.

“LA Workshops” are where LAs provide sets of instructor-approved questions to groups of 10-35 students. LAs circulate and provide guidance as students get to collaboratively work through these. This is a great opportunity to build problem-solving skills and conceptual understanding by talking through things with peers and LAs.

I am very, very grateful for the CLC tutoring in Boelter Hall! I went almost every day during fall quarter, and I ended up getting better grades because of it.


Shanna Shaked

Senior Associate Director of CEILS for Physical Sciences Initiatives
Director of Learning Assistant program

Office Location: Young Hall 3077D