Help Get the Word Out About LS110 – Career Exploration in the Life Sciences

UCLA has so many talented students who start out with intentions to major in the sciences, but for different reasons do not end up staying in the sciences. One way that UCLA is working to address this issue is through a course called LS110 – Career Exploration in the Life Sciences, a 2-credit upper division course where students learn about the many options available to them if they graduate with a degree in science.


Please help us get the word out! We have created a video with student testimonials about the course and FAQs are available as well.  Here are some ways you can help:

  • Option 1: Show this video in your class and encourage students to check out the course
  • Option 2: Post the link below in CCLE for your students to view, or email it to them and encourage them to check out the course
  • Option 3: Watch the video yourself so you can make an announcement about the LS110 course and share the direct link to the website with students who want to learn more during class

This video and additional information are available at:

If you have any questions, or would like to invite the instructor to come to your class this quarter or next to talk about the course, please email Rachel Kennison at

Bringing Theory to Practice Workshops – Winter Quarter


Winter Quarter is Just Around the Corner – Start Planning Your Courses Now


Mon. Dec 5th, 12-2pm: Syllabus Design Workshop: Tips & Strategies for Planning Your Course for Winter Quarter

Location: Hershey Hall 164


Tues. Dec 6th, 1-3pm: Introduction to iClicker Polling Software for Improving Student Engagement: Get set-up with the iClicker software and learn some tips and strategies for effective implementation and question design.

Location: 4100 Terasaki Life Sciences Building


Wed. Dec 7th, 12-2pm: How to Design Compelling Multiple Choice Questions for Polling (iClickers) and Assessment. Learn strategies for constructing effective multiple choice questions.

Location: Hershey Hall 164
*This workshop may also be helpful to attend if you attend the Dec. 6th workshop on introducing iClicker software to develop clicker questions.


Please click here to RSVP to one or more of these BTtoP workshops