• Elizabeth Roth-Johnson | Flipped Curriculum in the Life Sciences

  • Deb Pires | Flipped Curriculum in the Life Sciences

  • Beth Goodhue | Community-Engaged Teaching

  • William Kaiser | Freshman Design Course Curriculum

  • Heather Tienson-Tseng | Undergraduate Learning Assistants Program

  • Kirsten Turlo | Summer Bridge Program

8:30-10 AM

  1. Debra Pires and Elizabeth Roth-Johnson (Life Sciences) – Developing a highly structured flipped curriculum in Life Sciences
  2. Beth Goodhue (Undergraduate Education) – A Values-Based Approach to Community-Engaged Teaching
  3. Ronny Choe (Life Sciences) – Meaningful Learning in an Online Course
  4. William Kaiser (Engineering) – Freshman Design Course Curriculum
  5. Tracy Johnson (Life Sciences) – Pathways to Research in the Life Sciences
  6. Tony Friscia (Undergraduate Education) – UCLA Cluster Program: A Model for General Education
  7. Jennifer Lindholm (Undergraduate Education) – Capstone Courses, A Culminating Experience for STEM Majors

11-12:30 PM

  1. Ira Clark (Life Sciences) – Research Deconstruction – A Scalable Model for Inquiry -Based Science Instruction
  2. Jeff Eldredge (Engineering) – M20: Undergraduate Instruction in Computer Programming in the MATLAB Environment
  3. James Gober (Physical Sciences) – Reform of Biochemistry Lab into Project-based Curriculum
  4. Christopher Lee (Physical Sciences & Computer Science) – Courselets, An Online Platform Supporting Interactive Pedagogy
  5. Heather Tienson-Tseng (Physical Sciences) – Undergraduate Learning Assistants Program in the Sciences
  6. Alice Ho (Undergraduate Education) and Kirsten Turlo (Biomedical Research Minor)– Making the Transition: Summer Bridge Program Curriculum
  7. Ian McLean & Josh Samani (Physical Sciences) – Toward Sustainable Transformation of Physics for Life Scientists