1. Aydogan Ozcan and Arnold Suwarnasarn – HHMI Undergraduate Research, Training and Innovation Program for Translational Biophotonics and Telemedicine Technologies
  2. Adrienne Lavine and Kumiko Haas – E-FT^2: Faculty Teaching Faculty about Teaching
  3. Corey Evans – A CURE for the Common Undergrad: Discovery-based Science Education using Drosophila
  4. Cully Nordby and Noah Garrison – Students Move Science to Real-World Action in the Innovative Environmental Science Senior Practicum
  5. Ann Hirsch and Maskit Maymon – Investigating Earth’s Ultimate Symbiosises Plant-Microbe Communication Lecture and Immersion Lab (MCDB C150 / MCDB 150AL)
  6. Tama Hasson – Undergraduate Research Center- Sciences: Curricular and Co-Curricular Instruction
  7. Alex Kusenko and Warren Essey – Kudu: A Free App to Help Adopt Active Learning Techniques, Replace iClicker, and Even Replace your Textbook at a fraction of the cost
  8. Jochen Stutz – Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and the new Climate Science Major
  9. Jordan Moberg Parker – Collaborative Course-Based Undergrad Research Experience (co-CUREs) Benefit Students and Faculty
  10. Jane Shevtsov, Will Conley, and Alan Garfinkel – Teaching Differential Equation Modeling to First-Year Biology Students
  11. Rachel Kennison – Career Exploration in the Life Sciences: An Innovative Course to Increase Retention of Undergraduate Life Science Majors and Persistence in STEM Careers
  12. Marc Levis-Fitzgerald, Erin Sanders, Kelly Wahl, Shanna Shaked, et al. (Presented by Elizabeth Mills) – A Spectrum of Tools to Motivate and Assess Teaching Reform