Not Your Parents’ College Experience – What Today’s Students Need from Higher Ed

The charts and figures in this interactive article show the increasing diversity of today’s students in higher education.

Higher education is a critical engine of social mobility and economic development for our country. For students, earning a postsecondary degree or credential is the surest pathway to economic opportunity and the chance to lead a healthy, productive life.

Today’s college students are more diverse than ever before. They are older students who may be juggling other responsibilities such as work and family. They are first-generation college-goers and students from low-income families who have high hopes but face new and unfamiliar challenges. And they are students of color who have gotten to and through college at lower rates than their white peers.

To help more Americans achieve their dreams and to build a stronger economy for all of us, we need to better understand who our students are and what they need to succeed. READ MORE.

Zero Correlation Between Evaluations and Learning

A number of studies suggest that student evaluations of teaching are unreliable due to various kinds of biases against instructors. Yet conventional wisdom remains that students learn best from highly rated instructors. What if the data backing up conventional wisdom were off? A new study suggests that past analyses linking student achievement to high student teaching evaluation ratings are flawed, a mere “artifact of small sample sized studies and publication bias.”

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A New Approach to General Chemistry

Researchers from Washington State University and CU-Boulder present a model for undergraduate chemistry curriculum development based on five important questions and offer a new general chemistry course — CLUE: Chemistry, Life, the Universe, and Everything — as an example of materials developed in this way.

CBE-Life Sciences Education: Special Issue – Broadening Participation in the Life Sciences

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