Discipline Specific Resources

Here is growing collection of course materials from the University of Colorado Science Education Initiative (CU-SEI) and the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative (CWSEI). There are numerous clicker questions for Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology, Physics, and Geological Sciences, as well as clicker questions in some of the other disciplines.

If your main focus is clicker questions, this site contains a clicker resource guide and discipline-specific clicker question collections: http://www.cwsei.ubc.ca/resources/clickers.htm#questions

Developed by UCSF and HHMI, The iBiology Scientific Teaching Series is a collection of videos that provides current and future undergraduate biology instructors with the tools to design and implement a student-centered curriculum using evidence-based pedagogy.

HHMI offers a variety of interactive video resources ranging from Evolution, Chemistry of Life, Cell Biology, and many more.

American Chemical Society
Education resources for instructors of graduate and undergraduate courses in Chemistry

Journal of Chemical Education
Education journal published by ACS

Chemistry Education Research and Practice
Journal published by the Royal Society of Chemistry

Collection of virtual labs, scenario-based learning activities, tutorials, and concept tests

Higher Education resources for teaching chemistry

American Society for Engineering Education
Promotes engineering education through conferences, publications, fellowships and professional development opportunities

ABET Accreditation
Fosters quality and innovation in engineering education through institutional assessment process

Engineering Education Community Resource
Wiki intended to help faculty explore engineering education field; includes list of national and regional Centers for Engineering Research & Teaching

UW Center for Engineering Learning & Teaching
Center promotes and supports effective teaching and education research

Journal of Inquiry-based Learning in Mathematics
Publishes university-level course notes (free, downloadable, peer-reviewed, classroom tested)

Academy of Inquiry-based Learning (IBL)
Online community that provides resources (including course materials, workshops, and mini-grants) to support integration of IBL pedagogy into math courses

Mathematical Association of America
Provides teaching and professional development resources for faculty and departments

Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications
Non-profit organization with resources for undergraduate math courses

The Mathematics Archives for the Life Sciences
Archive of math materials for biology students collected by the Society for Mathematical Biology

Numbers Count!
Resources for biological problem solving using quantitative skills

Biological ESTEEM Collection
Excel spreadsheets with biological applications of mathematical principles

Physics Education
International journal that published articles on teaching introductory physics for undergraduates

Physics Education Research-Central
Collection of education resources, including assessment and classroom activities, for physics instructors

Mazur Group
Resources for teaching physics using peer instruction (collaborative learning in large lectures)

Physics Education Research at CU-Boulder
Largest PER program in the nation that develops and studies aspects of physics education reform, including the CLASS-Phys assessment instrument and PhET

NEXUS Physic Project
HHMI-funded education experiment supporting development of a new interdisciplinary physic curriculum

American Institute of Physics
Data on physics and astronomy enrollments and degrees at the undergraduate level

Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Provides resources on a variety of sponsored education programs (e.g., Universe in the Classroom)